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Case Study for Garage Conversion

Introduction - outline the issue
Mrs H*** - an elderly lady with mobility problems. She lives alone in a small detached property and recognises the need for en suite walk in shower facilities. Due to the restrictions within her existing property she wanted to convert the garage to an en suite bedroom.
Through word of mouth Mrs H*** came to us as one of several builders to provide a solution. An element of design, drawings and specifying was required to help ascertain her requirements. Upon receipt of our estimate she employed our services.
We provided drawings and further specifications and then acted on Mrs H**** behalf to gain building regulations from the Council. We also ascertained whether further works of a conservatory required planning permission. We did drawings, paid fees at council and obtained relevant permissions.
We met with Mrs H*** to agree a programme of works which were quite urgent.
We then proceeded to carry out the conversion and alterations to a set order keeping Mrs H*** fully informed at all stages.
Description of works:
Provide single bedroom facility adjoining to the property, with mobility access from the main property and providing within that a bedroom and partition walls to provide an en suite level access shower facility. This included a level dec tray former, manufactured by Impey UK Ltd, wide door access, full height tiling, thermostatically controlled electric shower, Redring Selectronic favoured (3 year warranty and we are trained service agents) anti slip flooring, alterations to drains and all connections. Also fitted grab rails, curtain rail, fold down seat, extract fan, light, pull cord switch, earth bonding
Unexpected event
It was planned to extend existing heating system:
During the course of the works our customer didn't feel she wanted the upheaval of extending the existing central heating of her main property. She wanted heating in this new facility and had a distinct dislike of visible pipe work but didn't want the upheaval of hiding them and so wanted a different form of heating.
How it was resolved
We researched different options of electric heating to find a cost efficient and effective solution. We provided Mrs H*** with running costs and saved her in installation over the existing planned system.
Conclusion - happy customer
Work was carried out on time within budget and to Mrs H***'s complete satisfaction including extra works. Life in her existing home is now future proof enabling her to stay in her own home for the foreseeable future.
During the works Mrs H*** was so happy that she asked us to provide quotations for further associated works, ie loss of garage for construction of car port, we were able to undertake these works within the same contract period.
During inclement weather over the Christmas period we were able to shift the emphasis of our programme according to the weather as all of our workforce are directly employed buy us. This meant we were able to remain within the set timeframe.
Mrs H*** was so happy she invited anyone to view works and provided a testimonial for our website which is under construction.

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